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«Hi there! My name is Simon. I'm a witch hunter! Noob witch hunter actually... and this is my first job. People say there is SOMETHING STRANGE in that castle and I going to check it. SOMETHING about STRANGE magic book. Bla bla bla... Who cares about books? Being witch hunter is AWESOME! So let's go with me to the castle!»



[ v 0.1.3 ]

Fullscreen issue fixed


[ v 0.1.2 ]

Onscreen touch control adjusted


[ v 0.1.1 ]

Critical bug with stuck on puzzle level fixed


[ v 0.1 ]

Initial release

Prototype created by SilentPlay Team. We are two friends who love video games and game industry. This is our first try making for fun. Please don't judge strictly.

Install instructions

Unzip and run DarkWalk.exe to play.


SSPrototype-v0.1.3-x86.zip 141 MB


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Neat visual style.